Out of the Blue is a project that was born out of the enthusiasm and resolve of someone with perpendicular routes towards the artistic milieu, which have always nurtured a great passion for culture, art and for music, especially Jazz music.



We mainly view the music and the artistic phenomenon as a vehicle for pedagogy, something so necessary to the present-day society, especially in these times of cultural randomness in which we live. The essence of art and culture lies in the search or our own humanity.



We look at our clients as being decisive partners in diffusing and promoting culture and not as mere commercial middlemen.


Education enables us to be truly human. It deepens and makes us able to build a better society and a brighter future. The depth in education determines the depth in culture, the society’s nature and the firmness of peace. Education performs a fundamental role in the creation of deep solidarity, mutual understanding and trust. Daisaku Ikeda