The biggest portuguese publishing group


  • Caminho publishing house new bookstore opening in Santarém - 2011
  • Lisbon Book Fair - 2011
  • Open Day - 2010


Pousadas de Portugal

Pestana Group, Portugal biggest hotel group


  • Jazz Moments - Itinerary tour covering North to South of the country, 1 Pousada (historical portuguese inn) per month consisting of a Jazz dinner concert as part of a sophisticated and special weekend


Casa Da Comida

A landmark in gastronomy and in the art of top hospitality in Lisbon and also one of the main catering services companies on the national market


  • 35st anniversary party – Wine event that brought together wine+jazz+fine food tasting, all in a real «triple fusion»


Hotel da Estrela

Truly original «boutique hotel» belonging to the Lágrimas Group, it was designed by the well known Portuguese interior architect Miguel Câncio Martins, and its main decoration theme is «The School»


  • Displaying a strong pedagogic approach in its operation, Hotel da Estrela intends to assert a firm bet on a distinctive cultural program, having Out Of The Blue as its creative partner


Jazz School Luiz Villas-Boas/Hot Club of Portugal


  • We have already collaborated with this institution, as old and as important on the Portuguese jazz landscape, through the «Concert for an Instrument» program, in which those who play are pupils of the Jazz School Luiz Villas-Boas (and although without a fee, there is however a donation of some musical instrument/equipment that the school needs, thus bestowing that pedagogic approach lined up with our philosophy) and also lined up with the pedagogy of both projects (namely the concerts in the Lisbon Book Fair and the Open Day on Leya's headquarters)


For each project Out Of The Blue pursues a philosophy which gives a strong support in publicizing young promising musicians, the majority of whom already with experience and repertoire worthy of note.


Out Of The Blue is proactively on the market with specific proposition to each partner ever focused on creating and adding value and always envisaging the pedagogic approach, in tune with the needs and concerns of each and every client.


We also wish to have a closer bond with the worlds of gastronomy and wine making, both so especially connected to leisure and tourism.